R12 Upgrade Workshop (DBA Perspective)

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Detailed overview of technical issues of Oracle R12 Upgrade that you need to take into account when planning an upgrade to Oracle Applications Release 12.

This workshop discusses with Practical Demonstration on everything related to upgrade of Oracle Apps11i to Oracle R12 from DBA Perspective, Participant will be able to create a plan for upgrade to take back and present to their management.

Audience Prerequisite knowledge and skills:

  • Sound Oracle Apps DBA Knowledge
  • Good Knowledge of Patching

Workshop Lab Environment :

  • Linux

Session Timing : 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Workshop Duration : 3 Days

By the end of the course you will:

  • Understand Oracle R12’s technical architecture.
  • Know how to evaluate infrastructure, installation, configuration, training, customizations, data conversion, user adoption, support, and hosting, options that accompany an Oracle R12 Upgrade
  • Plan resources, approaches, durations, reporting, etc.
  • Oracle Best Practice Approaches to Upgrade R12
  • Introduction
  • Why Upgrade to R12?
  • Oracle Applications Release 12 architecture
  • High-level Technical planning for your new environment
  • Functional planning for your new environment
  • Oracle R12’s multi-organization feature
  • Discussing selected New Features in Oracle Release 12

Planning for the Oracle R12 upgrade:

  • Discuss on type of Skill sets required for R12Upgrade .
  • Supporting an Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 environment during & after go live
  • Predicting the duration of an R12 upgrade.

Oracle R12 Upgrade Best Practices

  • Understanding the different ways to approach an Oracle R12 upgrade, re-implement, patching or reinstalling?
  • Advantages, tricks, key success factors tied to each option

Performing Upgrade

  • Pre-Upgrade Tasks
  • Perform Upgrade Activities
  • Post-Upgrade Tasks

Sharing Experience

  • Changelles Faced
  • Lessons learned from successful Oracle R12 Upgrade.