Oracle CRM On Demand Advanced Analytics Workshop

Duration: 3 Days

What you will learn:
In this course, students learn to use advanced features of Oracle CRM On Demand Answers to support custom business reporting needs. These include learning how to: apply advanced formatting and layouts; create and apply multiple filters for rolling date analyses and negative reporting; use advanced formulas and calculated columns; build comparative reports using prompts; create custom dashboards; and, track usage and performance. These skills enable advanced users to build easy-to-use reports and dashboards that meet complex reporting needs.
Hands-on exercises based on real business examples reinforce the skills and knowledge taught in the course. This provides an opportunity for students to practice new skills in a safe environment with instructor support.
Learn To
• Write time and date formulas and create rolling date reports
• Create effective pivot tables that provide multiple data perspectives
• Link directly from a record to a record-specific analysis
• Filter data based on the results of another analysis or using a simple SQL statement
• Create custom dashboards to provide an in-depth view of the business using simple reports
• Use column and conditional formatting to emphasize key data
• Technical Consultant
• Technical Administrator
• Reports Developer
• Administrator
Course Objectives:
• Create analyses that answer defined business questions
• Identify and apply formatting options to emphasize key data
• Design and format effective pivot tables to show data from multiple perspectives
• Define prompts to allow users to filter information in an analysis
• Use advanced filtering options to satisfy report data requirements
• Filter data based on the results of another analysis
• Combine reports to create complex filters
• Use column formulas to calculate data in an analysis
• Write rolling date filters to display results based on relative time frames
• Include session variables in filters and formulas
• Create links to navigate users through a set of reports
• Use action links to pass record details to a report so that the report results are record-specific
• Create custom dashboards to provide an in-depth view of the business using simple reports
• Track usage and performance of the CRM On Demand application using standard and custom usage tracking reports
Course Topics:
Reporting Methodology
• Identifying Subject Areas
• Finding Data Columns
• Analyzing Custom Objects
• Designing Your Report 

Formatting Tables
• Column Formatting
• Conditional Formatting
• Using Images

Working With Pivot Tables
• Adding Totals and Relative Values
• Adding Duplicate Columns

Using Advanced Layout Views
• Column Selectors
• Gauge Views
• Adding a Legend
• Using a Narrative View

Using Filters
• Filtering with SQL Expressions
• Using Variables
• Filtering Based on Results of Another Analysis
• Using the Filtered Metrics Function

Combining Reports with Set Operations
Defining Column Filter Prompts
• When to Use Prompts
• Date Range Prompts

Column Formulas and Conditional Expressions
• Where to Apply Formulas
• Creating Mathematical Formulas

Date and Time Formulas
• Types of Date Formulas
• Rolling Date Filters
• Using Session Variables

Conditional Values
• Using CASE Statements
• Applying Aggregation Rules

Navigating Users to Analyses
• Defining Drill-Down Paths
• Creating a Web Link field

Creating Custom Dashboards
• Creating and Designing Custom Dashboards
• Creating Dashboard Prompts