R12.x Extend Oracle Applications: Building OA Framework Applications

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Duration: 5 Days

What you will learn

This class is a hands-on lab-intensive course that will keep the student busy and active for the duration of the course. While the course covers the fundamentals that support OA Framework-based applications, the course is really an exercise in J2EE programming. Over the duration of the course, the student will create an OA Framework-based application that selects, inserts, updates, and deletes data from a R12 Oracle Applications instance.

Learn To:
  • Describe the concepts and details of the MVC design pattern
  • Create a query, drill-down, create, delete, and update to an E-Business Suite instance
  • Use E-Business Suite security in conjunction with OA Framework applications
  • Describe OA Framework development standards


  • Application Developers
  • Developer
  • J2EE Developer
  • Java Developer
  • Sales Consultants
  • Technical Consultant
Suggested Prerequisites

  • E-Business Suite development and debugging
  • E-Business Suite system administration
  • J2EE programming
  • Java programming

Course Topics

Course Overview:
  • Course Objectives
  • Suggested Schedule
  • Course Environment
  • Accessing the labs Directory
Introduction to OA Framework:
  • Agenda
  • Important Terminology
  • Foundation Knowledge
  • Additional Resources
Concepts of the MVC Design Pattern:
  • JSPs and OA Framework
  • Concepts of the Model
  • Concepts of the View
  • Concepts of the Controller
Basics of the Model:
  • BC4J Model
  • Applications Modules
  • Entity Objects
  • View Objects
  • Other BC4J Objects
  • BC4J Database Interactions
Basics of the View:
  • View-layer Components
  • Workspaces and Projects
  • Pages and Regions
  • Items
  • CSS Styles
  • Attributes Sets
Basics of the Controller:
  • Handling GETs
  • Handling POSTs
  • Common Controller tasks
  • Lab
Setting Up Your Development Environment:
  • Lab
OA Framework State Management:
  • Lab
Introduction to JDeveloper 10g with OA Extension:
  • Lab
Implementing a Query Page and Drill Down Page:
  • Lab
Implementing a Create Page:
  • Lab
Implementing a Delete Page:
  • Lab
Implementing an Update Page:
  • Lab
Deploying OA Framework Applications:
  • Guided Demo – Deploying Personalizations
  • Guided Demo – Deploying Extensions

Course Objectives

  • Complete a basic query page (SELECT)
  • Complete a basic drill-down page (SELECT)
  • Complete a basic create page (INSERT)
  • Complete a basic delete page (DELETE)
  • Complete a single-page update page (UPDATE)
  • Complete a multi-page update (UPDATE)
  • Understand the foundational concepts and standards of OA Framework-based applications and pages