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When you choose Business Objects as your Business Intelligence platform you need to make sure that your investment is returned to the maximum amount. Making sure that your staff are trained in all the possibilities and power of Business Objects is the only answer.

So where do you find a Business Objects training provider?

You could use one of the many large general training companies that will be happy to sub-contract their BI training and add a large margin on top.

Or you could use iWare Logic Technologies – specialists in Business Objects Training.
When you attend an intelligence course you are assured of the very highest quality of instruction, materials and hardware.

Our instructors have a wealth of experience in using all the Business Objects toolset. All of iWare Logic instructors are also experienced BI consultants which means that they know how Business Objects is used in the real world and can bring that experience into the classroom.

We offer a wide range of Business Objects Training courses from earlier versions to the latest.

Here are just a few of the BusinessObjects Training courses available:

  • Report Creation with Webintelligence
  • Advanced Report Creation with Webintelligence
  • Universe Design
  • Admin and Security
  • BusinessObjects Enterprise
  • Data Services & Data Integrator
  • Dashboard Designer Xcelsius
  • Crystal Reports Courses
  • Desktop Intelligence

Total Duration5 Days

Good Knowledge of SQL
Good knowledge of BI and DW concepts.
Business Objects XI infoview and Webi Reporting
  • BOXI Architecture and its components
  • Understanding Infoview Navigation And Components
  • Personalizing Infoview
  • Navigating To Public Folders And Documents
  • Navigating To Personal Folders, Categories And Documents
  • Creating Personal Folders
  • Copying Public Documents to Personal Folders.
  • Printing Reports
  • Sending Documents
  • Introduction to desktop intelligence
  • Report Creation
  • Publishing the report
  • Creating a document in the Web Intelligence Rich Client
  • Viewing a Web Intelligence document in Info View
  • Building and modifying a simple query
  • Working with query properties
  • Restricting data with query filters
  • Applying a single-value query filter
  • Using prompts and complex filters to restrict data
  • Working in the Report Panel
  • Displaying data in tables and charts
  • Using breaks and cross tabs
  • Formatting break, calculations, and report filters
  • Using default and custom sorts
  • Ranking data to see top or bottom values
  • Organizing a report into sections
  • Copying data to other applications
  • Preparing document for PDF and print
  • Document formatting
  • Accessing Info View
Business Objects Designer
  • Introducing Designer
  • What is Universe
  • About Semantic layer
  • Class and Object
  • Creating a universe
  • Setting Parameters
  • Different types of Connection
  • Creating a new Connection
  • Setting up Universe Parameters
  • Adding Tables
  • Using different types of Joins
  • Creating Classes and Subclasses
  • What is Measure Object
  • Understand Aggregation in BO
  • What is Loop
  • What is an Alias
  • Applying Restrictions to Tables
  • Creating and Controlling List Of values
  • What are Hierarchy and Custom Hierarchy
In addition, we have ‘iWare Logic‘ specialists with over ten years experience in customising Business Objects courses to target your users exact needs.
We at iWare Logic run classroom sessions at locations across India and also offer quick start and custom courses. To discuss your training requirements, or if you are interested in a course which isn’t listed here, contact at to get in touch with a representative of our training team to discuss your needs.