R12 Extend Oracle Applications: Customizing OA Framework Applications

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What you will learn:
Customizing the E-Business Suite is the process of modifying the base installs to suit the needs of your installation. Customizing can be as simple as setting a single profile option or as complex as writing a new application for your instance. This course is intended to teach the range of customizations available in the E-Business Suite.
The course doesn’t teach the specifics of configuration of each product. That is left to the product-specific courses. What the course does cover is the general methods of building, personalizing, and extending OA Framework-based pages within the E-Business Suite. Additionally, the course covers the methods to deploy those types of customizations. The course doesn’t include discussion of the Oracle Forms-based pages within the E-Business Suite.
Learn to:
• Build OA Framework Applications
• Personalize OA Framework Applications
• Extend OA Framework Applications
• Deploy OA Framework Applications
• Application Developers
• J2EE Developer
• Java Developer
• Technical Administrator
• R12 E-Business Suite system administration skills
• Programming experience
• Java programming experience
• J2EE programming experience
Course Objectives:
• Build a basic OA Framework page
• Personalize an OA Framework page
• Deploy a personalization
• Deploy an extension
• Translate an OA Framework page
• Extend an OA Framework page
• Assemble components for an OA Framework project
• Define other development considerations
Course Topics:
• Introduction to Customizing
• Concepts of the MVC Design Pattern
• Basics of the Model, View, and Controller
• Setting up your development environment
• Your first OA Framework page
• Introduction to Personalizations
• User-level Personalizations
• Administrator-level Personalizations
• Advanced Personalizations
• E-Business Suite architecture
• E-Business Suite database architecture
• E-Business Suite file system architecture
• E-Business Suite administration
• Deploying OA Framework applications
• Translations
• Development Concepts and Standards
• Security
• Extending OA Framework Applications
• Assembling Components
• Development Considerations