11i Oracle Order Management Fundamentals

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What you will learn:
In this course, participants will learn about Order Management process flows, application functionality, and the requirements required to manage and control sales order fulfillment. Students will receive instruction on how to enter and maintain simple to complex Sales Orders. They will learn how to manage changes, and cancellation to orders, and how to process returns. Students will learn critical tangent topics including Customer/Party Management, Sales Credits, Shipping, Pricing, and Inventory related topics such as Items, and Organization structure as they relate to sales order fulfillment. Students will also receive information regarding the set up and implementation considerations of the Order Management product. 

• Maintain party and customer account information
• Enter Orders
• Manage Orders

• Functional Implementer
• Basic understanding of Inventory Management principles
• 11i eBusiness Suite Essentials for Implementers
Course Objectives:
• Learn the key areas in the Order to Cash Lifecycle
• Learn about the integration between Order Management and other applications
• Learn how items integrate within the Order to Cash Lifecycle
• Create and maintain party and customer account information
• Create and process different types of orders
• Manage orders – updating, canceling, purging, closing
• Learn pricing concepts and the usage of Pricing Engine in Order Management
• Learn shipping concepts and the role of Shipping in Order Management
Course Topics:
Order to Cash Lifecycle Overview
• Ordering and Scheduling Process
• Pricing Process
• Shipping Process
• Autoinvoice Process
• Receivables Process
Overview of Oracle Order Management
• Order Management Process
• Order Management – Multiple Fulfillment Models
• Overview of the Order Management Process
Inventory Organizations and Items
• Describe Enterprise Structure in Oracle Applications
• Defining Units of Measure
• Defining Locations
• Setting up Inventory Organizations
• Establishing Inventory Parameters
• Defining Sub-inventories
• Item Attributes
• Creating an Item
Enter Orders
• Entering Simple Negotiation information
• Entering Sales Header and Line information
• Creating Blanket Sales Agreements
• Creating Internal Orders
• Creating Drop Shipments and Back-to- Back Orders
• Scheduling Orders
• Booking and Copying Orders
• Order Import and Identifying Key Setup Elements
Manage Parties and Customer Accounts
• Entering and maintaining party and customer account information
• Creating profile classes and assign them to customer accounts
• Creating and maintain party and customer account information
• Enabling customer account relationships
• Defining TCA party paying relationships
• Merging parties and customer accounts
• Viewing party and customer account information
• Defining setup options
Credit Management
• Setting up for credit management
• Using credit profile changes
• Identifying credit management processing
• Using workflow and lookups
• Reviewing credit management performance
• Applying credit hierarchy
Order Inquiry
• Pricing and Availability
• Order Organizer
• Order Information Portal
Manage Orders
• Entering Order Updates
• Managing Approvals
• Managing Holds
• Managing Credit Checking
• Canceling and Closing Orders
• Purging Orders
Overview of Pricing
• Overview of Pricing in the Order to Cash Lifecycle
• Overview of Pricing Concepts, Integration, Engine
• Overview of Pricing Security
• Overview of Price Lists, Pricing Agreements
• Overview of Formulas, Qualifiers and Modifiers
• Overview of Contexts and Attributes
• Overview of Freight and Special Charges
• Overview of Basic vs. Advanced Pricing
Basic Pricing
• Pricing Security
• Creating Price Lists – Header and Line
• Maintaining Price Lists
• Agreements
• Formula
• Pricing Attributes
• Modifiers – inclusive of Freight & Special Charges modifiers
• Attribute Management
Oracle Shipping Execution
• Pick Release Process
• Ship Confirm Process
• Deliveries and Delivery Lines
• Shipping Parameters
• Pick Release Rules
• Freight Carriers
• Profile Options
• Shipping Execution Reports
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