11i Workflow Fundamentals

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What you will learn:
This course provides an overview of the architecture and features of Oracle Workflow and the benefits of using Oracle Workflow in an e-business environment. You can learn how to define event subscriptions to perform processing triggered by business events and how to design workflow processes to automate and streamline business processes. Students also learn how to write custom PL/SQL procedures for use in workflow processes and what setup steps are required for Oracle Workflow. Demonstrations and hands-on practice reinforce the fundamental concepts. 

• Define event subscriptions
• Write custom PL/SQL procedures
• Design Workflow processes

• Business Analysts
• Functional Implementer
• Functional Implementer
• Thorough knowledge of Oracle Database and Oracle Application
• Knowledge of Oracle Workflow with Oracle E-Business Suite
• Working experience with XML
Course Objectives:
• Describe how Oracle Workflow with the Business Event System enables business process definition, automation, and integration
• Design a workflow process using Oracle Workflow Builder
• Respond to notifications and monitor the status of a runtime workflow process
• Define subscription-based processing for business events
• Implement advanced workflow process design features
• Write custom PL/SQL procedures for use in workflow processes
• Set up and administer Oracle Workflow for a site
Course Topics:
Defining Workflow Processes
• Planning a Workflow Process
• Diagramming a Workflow Process
• Defining Item Type Attributes and Lookup Types
• Defining Messages and Notification Activities
• Defining Function Activities
• Defining Event Activities
Monitoring Workflow Processes
• Testing Workflow Processes
• Reviewing the Status of Workflow Processes
Viewing and Responding to Notifications
Oracle Workflow Directory Service
Defining Business Event System Processing
• Business Events
• Event Subscriptions
• Systems and Agents
Workflow Engine
• Forced Synchronous Processing
• Master/Detail Coordination Activities
Oracle Workflow APIs
• Workflow Process APIs
• Business Event System APIs
• PL/SQL Documents
• Selector/Callback Functions
Error Handling
Customizing Workflow Processes
Setting Up Oracle Workflow
• Workflow Loaders
• Setup Steps
Workflow Administration with Oracle Workflow Manager
• Managing Service Components
• Managing System Status and Throughputl
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