R12 Oracle Sales Fundamentals

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Duration: 4 Days

What you will learn
This course gives students a combination of instructor-led lecture and hands-on experience implementing Oracle Sales Release 12. Primarily designed for technically oriented students, this course covers the underlying architecture, technical components, implementation planning considerations, and implementation tasks essential for a Sales implementation project. Along with implementation tasks and details, this course provides an overview of Sales mandatory dependencies, enabling students to understand the entire scope of a Sales implementation project.Through lecture, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, team activities, and classroom discussions,students gain an understanding of the scope of a Sales implementation project, including:implementation tasks, working with different components of the Sales suite of products,personalizing the UI, setting up and maintaining users, and running concurrent programs.
Learn To
  • Personalize the UI to suit your requirements
  • Perform a secure implementation using various security features
  • Create Rule sets to filter leads
  • Set up the Universal Work Queue
  • Forecast the sales for your organization over a period
  • Access objects across multiple organizations
  • Business Analysts
  • Functional Implementer
  • Sales Consultants
  • Technical Consultant

Required Prerequisites:

  • R12 Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers
Course Objectives
  • Create Employees and Users, Import Resources, and assign roles and responsibilities to users
  • Understand implementation steps required to set up sales products
  • Describe integration points between Oracle Sales and Oracle Marketing applications
  • Understand Global Address formatting
  • Understand Oracle Sales related personalization features available in OA Framework
  • Create proposals for leads, opportunities or quotes
  • Understand iStore’s shopping cart and ordering functionality and other key features
  • Understand features of Oracle’s sales applications
  • Create leads and convert them into opportunities
  • Create opportunities and convert them into quotes
  • Describe Campaign Flows, schedules and target groups
  • Under geographic territories and named territories, set up in Territory Manager
  • Explain the Basic Sales Flow
  • Set up common components, such as Notes, Tasks and Calendars
  • Describe the Lead to Order Process
  • Create Customers and Contacts using Oracle trading Community Architecture model
Course Topics

Overview of Lead to Order Process
• Describing the E-Business suite
• Associating job roles with the basic sales flow
• Describing customer types
• Describing the lead to order process
• Understanding the sales cycle in Oracle Sales

Overview of Sales Products
• Describe Oracle sales products like Sales, Telesales, Quoting, Proposals, Territory Manager, iStore, Incentive Compensation, and Sales Offline
• Describe setups to make Oracle Telesales and Oracle Sales interoperable
• Explain the differences between Oracle Telesales and Oracle Sales
• Working with the Sales Dashboard
• List the mandatory dependencies

Sales Security
• Setting up Users
• Implementing Customer Access Security
• Implementing Sales Team Security
• Enabling Multiple-Organization Access

Oracle Telesales
• Setting Up Universal Work Queue
• Setting Scripting Profile Options
• Setting up Interaction Tracking and Wrap-up

Leads Management
• Setting up the Qualification Engine
• Setting up the Rating Engine
• Setting up Channel Selection Engine

Opportunity Management
• Setting Up Competitor Information
• Creating Win Probabilities
• Setting Up Sales Stages
• Setting Up Sales Coaches
• Setting Up Sales Methodologies
• Viewing Opportunity History
• Creating a quote from an Opportunity

• Setting up Forecast Categories
• Setting up Forecast Category Mappings
• Using a Sales Methodology
• Forecasting as a Sales Manager
• Creating and Updating Forecasts

Sales Supplements in Oracle Sales
• Setting Up Account Plans using Sales supplements
• Setting Up Strategic Information using Sales Supplements Territories
• Implementing Territory Manager
• Setting Up Territory Alignment
• Using Territory Manager to set up Sales Territories
• Mapping Named Accounts
• Running the Territory Assignment Program

• Understanding the Elements of a Proposal
• Defining Quoting and Proposal Dynamic Fields
• Setting up Proposal Components
• Setting Up RTF Files
• Setting Up Proposal Templates

Quoting with Sales Contracts and Incentive Compensation
• Setting up Quote Status and Transitions
• Setting up Quoting Parameters
• Setting up Defaulting Rules
• Setting up Sales Contracts
• Setting up Incentive Compensation

Sales Offline and Sales for Handhelds
• Setting Up Connected Browser Functionality
• Setting Up Outlook Integration
• Understanding Synchronization Types and Process States
• Downloading Data, Resolving Conflicts

OA Framework Personalization in Oracle Sales
• Personalizing the Sales Dashboard
• Personalizing the Opportunity Page Opportunity Reports
• Setting Up Opportunity Reports
• Viewing various Opportunity Reports

Appendix: Product Catalog
• Describing a Product Catalog
• Adding an Inventory Item