Oracle Customer Hub (Siebel 8.2 UCM)

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Duration: 3 Days

What you will learn

The Oracle Customer Hub (Siebel 8.2 UCM) course is designed for members of Siebel implementation and administration teams responsible for implementing and managing customer master data using Oracle Customer Hub (UCM). The Siebel 8.2 Universal Customer master(UCM) release of Oracle Customer Hub includes several new features (such as List Import and the Data Governance Manager) to extend user functionality. The course first examines the role and functionality of the Oracle Customer Hub (UCM) product in managing customer master data, and then examines its architecture. The course provides participants with the knowledge to perform both initial batch and continuing incremental data loads into Siebel UCM and to match, and cleanse master account and contact data. Furthermore students learn to use additional applications and utilities to continually monitor and administer the master data. Finally students learn about Oracle strategies based on Web services and the Application Integration Architecture (AIA) to integrate Siebel UCM with other applications that rely upon Siebel UCM for their master data.

Learn To
  • Learn to import and update master data
  • Learn to cleanse and match customer records
  • Learn how to administer master data
  • Learn how to integrate external applications with Siebel UCM
  • Learn how Oracle Customer Hub (Siebel 8.2 UCM) manages customer master data


  • Administrator
  • System Integrator
  • Technical Administrator
  • Technical Consultant

Course Objectives

  • Perform initial data loads into Siebel UCM
  • Match and cleanse customer data using the Oracle Data Quality Matching and Address Validation Servers
  • Configure and perform incremental data loads using UCM List Import
  • Configure survivorship rules
  • Resolve suspect matches in customer data
  • Use Web services to integrate external applications with Siebel UCM
  • Administer master data using the Data Governance Manager

Course Topics

Understanding Customer Data Hub (UCM)

  • UCM functionality
  • Overview of UCM components
  • Cross referencing
  • Registering external systems
  • Source Data and History tables

Importing Records using Batch Import Processes

  • Role of the UCM EIM and SDH tables
  • Using EIM to perform a batch import
  • Using UCM Batch Manager to transfer records into the base tables
  • Using UCM List Import ro perform a batch import
  • Correcting incomplete transactions

Data Quality

  • Role of the Informatica Identity Resolution server
  • Running the IIR server
  • Configuring UCM for data quality

Data Cleansing and Matching

  • Validating addresses
  • Configuring UCM for address matching
  • Configuring UCM for matching
  • Modifying matching behavior

Survivorship and Suspect matching

  • Configuring survivorship rules
  • Examining and processing suspect match records
  • Merging records and guided merge
  • unmerging records

Administering Master Data

  • Using the Data Governanace Manager
  • Privacy management

Integrating UCM with External Applications

  • Overview of UCM integration
  • UCM Web services
  • AIA processes
  • Publish/Subscribe