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In this course you will get an overview of the Data warehousing concepts and different phases involved to implement a warehouse. In PowerCenter the topics that are majorly covered are: Power Center Architecture and the connectivity with its components. A complete-walk through of the steps required to create the mappings. You will learn how to use Informatica Designer interface to define the Source and Target definitions. You will also learn how to use the Workflow Manager interface to develop and configure the tasks and workflows. Next, you will learn how to enrich your mappings with advance transformation. In this course to administer and monitor the workflows you will see the usage of workflow monitor interface.

Duration: 32 Hours

Topics Covered:

Day -1 (8 Hours)

Define the terminology and explain the basic concepts of data warehousing
Data warehouse database design phases:

  • Defining the business model
  • Defining the logical model
  • Defining the dimensional model
  • Defining the physical model

Describe methods and tools for extracting, transforming, and loading data

Day-2 (8 Hours)
Power Center Architecture

  • Power Center 8.6 Architecture
  • Connectivity between Power Center 8.6 components

Introduction to Power Center Repository and Administration

  • The purpose of the Repository and Repository Service
  • The Administration Console
  • The Repository Manager
  • Administration Console maintenance operations
  • Security and privileges
  • Object sharing, searching and locking
  • Metadata Extensions
  • Version Control

Introduction to Power Center Design Process

  • Design Process
  • Power Center Designer Interface
  • Mapping Components

Day-3 (8 Hours)
Introduction to Power Center Designer Interface

  • EXTRACT – Source Object Definitions
  • LOAD – Target Definitions
  • TRANSFORM – Transformation Concepts

Introduction to Workflows

  • Integration Service Concepts
  • The Workflow Manager GUI interface
  • Setting up Server Connections
  • Task Developer
  • Creating and configuring Tasks
  • Creating and Configuring Workflows
  • Workflow Schedules

Day-4 (8 Hours)
Workflows Administration

  • The Workflow Monitor GUI interface
  • Monitoring views
  • Server monitoring modes
  • Filtering displayed items
  • Actions initiated from the Workflow Monitor
Other Transformation Concepts


  • Parameters and Variables
  • Transformations
  • Mapplets
  • Tasks

Command Line Interface

  • Introduction to PowerCenter Command line Interface
  • PowerCenter 8.6 Commands

» pmrep
» pmcmd
Eligibility: Any Graduate / Post Graduate

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