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HP Functional Testing (QTP)
HP Functional Testing is advanced, automated testing software for building functional and regression test suites. It captures, verifies, and replays user interactions automatically and helps testers quickly identify and report on application effects, while providing sophisticated functionality for tester collaboration. The product includes HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) and all of its add-ins.
HP Functional Testing Features:

Keyword capabilities: Using keywords, testers can build test cases by capturing flows directly from the application screens and applying robust record/replay capturing technology.

Automatic updating: With new application builds, you only need to update one reference in the shared repository and the update is propagated to all referencing tests.

Easy data-driving: You can quickly data-drive any object definition, method, checkpoint, and output value through the integrated data table.

Timely advice: In execution mode, a pop-up wizard provides guidance on how to change the test in real time, so the execution doesn’t fail where an application has changed.

HP Functional Testing supports major applications and environments such as Oracle, SAP, Seibel, Windows Presentation Foundation, Delphi, PowerBuilder, ASP .Net, J2EE, and more. And by upgrading to the HP Unified Functional Testing solution, you can conduct multi-layer testing for both GUI-based applications and non GUI-based components in a single test scenario.

HP Functional Testing supports three methods to create and maintain automated tests:

  • Keyword Driven
  • Recording
  • Scripting
iWareLogic offers HP Functional Testing software both on premise and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to it’s customers.