Apps DBA Services

Technical Approach

The key considerations for the technical approach are as below

  • Ensure Oracle DBA Best Practices
  • Ensure Critical to quality performance metrics of the application are better or at same level after technical upgrade & migration.
  • Reduction and Maximization of the time, available resources.
  • Reduced APPS DBA Activities risk through phased approach
  • Initiating the Functional and Technical customization on the upgraded 11i sun server with migration on going on another server
  • Prepare at least two instances of Databases, for APPS DBA and Business functions activities to go in parallel.
  • Using the TAR / SR get production instance for testing purpose to iron out any technical as well stress and volume testing issues.
  • Go-Live at fastest pace without compromising Quality, Risk and Resource constraints.
  • Delivery of all the value added services – postproduction to avoid large outage period and complexities
  • Setting up a scalable architecture for future; while increase in users / load / Demand.
  • Ensure Oracle Security Best Practices are implemented
  • Think Tank (Expert Support) in Critical Activities.
  • Holistic Approach for AppsDBA, Sysadmin ,Workflow Admin activities

Sample SLA:

Issue Priority Description Initial Response Time Resolution time
P1 P1 indicates downtime of a production system, component, or process. This priority requires immediate attention until resolved. This also takes precedence over all other outstanding or underway development work. 15 minutes Within 2 hours
P2 P2 is an indecisive state, which, if possible, should be promoted to either P1 (if the issue requires immediate attention because of unacceptable impact on production) or P3 with a negotiated commit date. Till the time the issue is resolved, it is P2. The team will work every workday until issue is resolved, and send a status update to concerned personnel. 30 minutes Next business day
P3 Issues that are not P1 are P3 or P4. P3 tickets have a negotiated commit date with the requestor to fixing a defect. It is the default priority for most tickets. 1 hour Within the agreed date
P4,P5 P4 tickets are not fixes but these are enhancement requests. Such tickets should always be scheduled against a future release. 1 Day Within the agreed date


Technical Scope Specification
Oracle APPSDBA Support For maximum ——Instances.

Sr. No Description Ownership Involvement Scope
1 Prepare inventory of Oracle Application Software Installed Products, Instances Inventory Documentation including Custom and Bolton, other software used for reading and interfacing with Oracle. iWare Logic
2 CLIENT-Oracle User Requests
2.1 Response to User Requests for Services thru CLIENT internal mail system iWare Logic CLIENT-users Evaluate and take action to close high priority immediately and balance in queue for closure depending on the load.
2.2 Prepare Issue log on Requests not as per process or beyond Support areas iWare Logic
3 Oracle Application Maintenance Prepare Documentation for Daily, weekly, Monthly Activities and procedures. iWare Logic Daily
4 Clonning : On request or planned schedule iWare Logic As per Requirement
5 Applying Patches (Std Apps/Localization) iWare Logic As per Requirement
5.1 Problem Definition CLIENT/iWare Logic iWare Logic As per Requirement
5.2 Identifying the patch and related Patches iWare Logic As per Requirement
5.3 Authorization to Apply patch on Dev or specified env CLIENT As per Requirement
5.4 Downloading the patch iWare Logic As per Requirement
5.5 Advise on impact of patch to requester iWare Logic
5.6 Applying Patches on DEV/other Instance iWare Logic As per Requirement
5.7 Post Patch Applications Testing CLIENT As per Requirement
5.8 If Patch fails – raising a TAR / SR / SR iWare Logic/CLIENT As per Requirement
5.9 TAR / SR / SR Follow-up iWare Logic/CLIENT Daily
5.10 If Patch is successful on Test then Authorization to Apply patch on Production CLIENT iWare Logic As per Requirement
5.11 Applying Patches on Production iWare Logic CLIENT As per Requirementt
5.12 Post Patch Application Testing on Prod CLIENT As per Requirement
5.13 Updating Patch Documentation on various Specified Instances iWare Logic As per Requirement
5.14 Archiving Patch at Secured Place provided by CLIENT iWare Logic As per Requirement
6 Oracle Application, Oracle database and other server related Errors iWare Logic As per requirement
6.1 List of Errors & Solution iWare Logic As per Requirement
6.2 Testing of fixes & acceptance CLIENT iWare Logic
6.3 Maintain Troubleshooting Log with details on fixes iWare Logic
6.4 Call Oracle for Support iWare Logic As per requirement
7 Oracle Error – Problem Solving iWare Logic As per requirement
7.1 List of Errors – Solution on it iWare Logic As per requirement
7.2 Notify for known bugs by Oracle for fixes in Future iWare Logic As per requirement
8 TAR / SR / SR Management iWare Logic Daily
8.1 Maintaining Previous TAR / SR / SR Records iWare Logic Daily
8.2 Raising iTAR / SR / SR iWare Logic/CLIENT As per requirement
8.3 Maintaining Logs related to TAR / SR / SR iWare Logic Daily
9 Oracle Security iWare Logic Daily
9.1 Password Changes in all D’base and Applications in CLIENT iWare Logic As per requirement
9.2 Oracle ID Creation iWare Logic One time activity
10 Using Oracle based Alerts As per requirement
11 Space Management Space Management on Disk Log maintenance, Alert Log Maintenance. Purging old requests and logs iWare Logic Daily
12 Database Audit iWare Logic
12.1 Check space used on disks iWare Logic Daily
12.2 Check free tablespace iWare Logic Daily
12.3 Decide on how many days requests and logs are to be retained iWare Logic/CLIENT Once
12.4 Archiving & deleting old .req, .log files iWare Logic Schedule
12.5 Purge Data from various tables based on plan and schedule or size limits iWare Logic Requires Planning and growth check limits
12.6 Data Archive Planning & implementation for Transaction data Archiving iWare Logic/CLIENT
13 Backup Strategy iWare Logic Once
13.1 Backup Logs Monitoring iWare Logic Daily
13.2 Recovery Mechanism iWare Logic Test Procedure
13.3 Backup Scripts
13.4 Processes for Backup, service requests, etc to be made, documented, maintained and implemented. iWare Logic
14 Oracle Performance
14.1 Performance Tuning Database tuning iWare Logic As and when required
14.2 Performance Monitoring iWare Logic Parameters based Checks
14.3 Response Time Improvement iWare Logic
14.4 Call Hardware Vendor and vendors to improve Network, Systems related Performance or Advisory iWare Logic Hardware Vendor for advice
15 Setup and implement various Maintenance Processes for CLIENT
15.1 Request Services iWare Logic
15.2 Issue Escalation iWare Logic
15.3 Security Changes iWare Logic
15.4 Backup, restore iWare Logic
15.5 Disaster Recovery iWare Logic
16 Sysadmin
16.1 User / Responsibility Management iWare Logic
16.2 Concurrent Manager Management iWare Logic
16.3 Workflow Admin iWare Logic


System Up Time:
  • iWare Logic assures System Up Time will be 99 %.
  • The up time will be calculated for assigned service time only.
  • Some exceptions & assumptions for system shutdown like shut down request from CLIENT team on account of functional issues, which will not be part of up time calculations.
  • Connectivity failure/speed issue will not be part of up time calculations.