R12 Enterprise Asset Management Fundamentals

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What you will learn:

This course teaches students how to use Oracle Enterprise Asset Management to schedule and plan maintenance activities, and track all work activity and costs that are related to assets, throughout an organization. Students learn how eAM provides a set of tools that address asset maintenance requirements for asset intensive environments. Students also learn to perform asset management tasks in the most cost effective, efficient way.

This course provides comprehensive practices to help students master these tasks.

• Maintain your assets through Preventive Maintenance
• Use Enterprise Asset Management
• Plan and schedule your material and resources
• Set up Enterprise Asset Management

• End Users
• Functional Implementer
Suggested Prerequisites:
• Know how to Navigate Oracle Applications & should have work
• Knowledge of Oracle Inventory,Oracle Engineering & BOM
• Oracle Cost Management,Oracle Work in Process,Oracle Quality
• Oracle Material Requirements Planning,Advanced Supply Chain
Course Objectives:
• Ensure cost savings and work management efficiencies, by generating predictive work activities
• Manage all maintenance related work
• Set up preventive maintenance activities to reduce the probability of failure or degradation of your company’s assets’ physical conditions
• Navigate and use eAM Maintenance Super User
• Implement Oracle Enterprise Asset Management
Course Topics:
Enterprise Asset Management Overview
• Overview
• Managing Assets
• Managing Work
• Required Products
• Optional Products
• User Roles
• EAM Business Flow
Setting Up Oracle Enterprise Asset Management
• Overview
• Setting Up Organizations and Parameters
• Defining Areas
• Setting Up Resources and Departments
• Discussing Lookups
• Setting Up Category Codes and Sets
• Defining Assets
• Setting Up Rebuildable Items
EAM Collection Plans
• Overview
• Creating Collection Elements
• Creating Collection Plans
• Adding Collection Plan Attachments
EAM Work Management
• Overview
• Work Orders
• Work Order Transactions
EAM Preventive Maintenance
• Overview
• Meters
• Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
EAM Planning and Scheduling
• Overview
• EAM Planning
• EAM Scheduling
Direct Item Procurement for eAM Work Orders
• Overview
• Procuring Direct Items
• Entering Requisitions for Direct Items using iProcurement or Oracle Purchasing
• Creating Purchase Orders
• EAM Direct Procurement Accounting
EAM Cost Management
• Overview
• Costing Methods and Mappings
• Setting Up Cost Categories
• Setting Up Purchase Order Categories for Direct Items
• Setting Up eAM Cost Management
• Setting Up Zero Cost Rebuild Item Issue
• EAM Cost Estimation
• Viewing Cost Information
EAM Contractor Services
• Overview
• Setting Up Outside Service Processing
EAM Property Manager
• Overview
• Executing the Export Process
• Executing the Asset Number Interface
• Property Manager Integration
EAM Service
• Overview
• Creating Service Requests
• Service Requests and eAM Work Orders
EAM Process and Discrete Manufacturing
• Overview
• Organization Setups
• Associating Assets with Production Equipment
• Viewing Resource Usage
EAM Project Manufacturing
• Overview
• Defining a Project
• Associating a Work Order with a Project
• Creating Requisitions or Purchase Orders
• Updating the Commitments for a Project
EAM Work Order Billing
• Overview
• Creating a Billable Item/Activity
• Determining the Pricing Method
• Creating a Billable Work Order
• Billing Work Orders
• Creating an Invoice
EAM Oracle Time and Labor
• Overview
• Setting Up the Integration
• Time and Expenses
Self-Service Work Requests
• Overview
• Work Request Statuses
• Obtaining Work Request Information
• Creating and Updating Work Requests
Maintenance User Workbench
• Overview
• Viewing and Managing your Work
Maintenance Super User
• Overview
• Home
• Assets
• Work Orders
• Work Plans
• Stores
• Overview
• Delivering Material from Stores to a Work Order
• Returning Material to Inventory
EAM Reports and Processes
• Overview