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If you are seeking comprehensive, server-based reporting service designed to help you author, manage, and deliver both paper-based and interactive Web-based reports, the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform is an ideal service to provide fast, reliable reporting services. Having the right information at the right time can mean the difference between a new discovery and catapulting business growth and success into the next decade.

That is the power behind Reporting Services that extend the Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) platform to reach the information worker who needs access to business data. Seemingly complex analyses can be organized and clarified through customized reports that can reach a broad audience through the distribution of reports as a data source for downstream business intelligence.

Through Microsoft’s business intelligence (BI) services:
  • Your company can build profitable relationships with your customers
  • Your company can reduce the risk of non compliance and potential financial disasters
  • You can effectively transform your business into a proactive decision making enterprise
  • You can improve workforce productivity both at the individual worker level and throughout the workforce
  • You are able to identify new revenue generation opportunities and improve operational efficiencies throughout the organization
  • You can optimize the return on existing business and IT investments
  • You can achieve greater compliance with government and regulatory guidelines
  • You both as an external or internal user will achieve faster problem solving and decision making ability at all levels strategic, operational and tactical
  • You get the right information at the right time to facilitate and expedite key decisions
Our other vital BI services include:
  • Operational Intelligence: Which spans the entire gamut of effective sensing, monitoring, management and analysis of your business?
  • Customer Analytics: Managing prospects and customer relationships through the entire life cycle by leveraging quality information.
  • Increasing Workforce Productivity: Achieving this by measuring and monitoring workforce utilization and effectiveness thus improving productivity.
  • Consultancy Services/BI Optimization Services
  • Development and Implementation Services
  • Maintenance and Enhancement Services ( MES )

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