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SAP Business Objects provides performance management, planning, reporting, query and analysis and enterprise information management. Business Objects also offers consulting and education services to help customers deploy its business intelligence projects. Other Business Objects toolsets enable universes, and ready-written reports, to be stored centrally and made selectively available to communities of password-protected usernames.

By choosing one of the services from iWare Logic one of – the world’s leading BI and data warehousing vendors – our joint customers are now able to better monitor corporate performance. Rationalization of the back-end environment for data storage and management, and business intelligence on the front-end, will help organizations to more efficiently deliver critical business information throughout the value chain and obtain an overall lower total cost of ownership.

Our vital services include:
  • Better use of talent and improved self-service and financial accounting
  • More effective marketing through customer segmentation
  • Enhanced flexibility to innovate services offerings, leading to increased profitability
  • Improved visibility into customer data to meet dynamic demand and services requirements
  • Tool features and functions
  • Demos
  • Product comparison
  • Brochures and white paper

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