Free Webinar: ODI – For Scalable High Performance ELT Architecture

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Description / Introduction:

Oracle Data Integration (ODI) provides a fully unified solution for building, deploying, and managing real-time data-centric architectures in an SOA, BI, and data warehouse environment. In addition, it combines all the elements of data integration – real-time data movement, transformation, synchronization, data quality, data management, and data services – to ensure that information is timely, accurate, and consistent across complex systems.By using Oracle Data Integration (ODI), organizations have reduced their development costs by 30%, improved the speed of handling data by 50%, and reduced business process execution times by at least 70%. These cost savings and efficiency gains are critical to leverage in today’s challenging global economic climate.

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  • Why Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)?
  • ODI – Architecture and its features
  • Understand knowledge modules
  • Data Flow using static and flow control
  • Q & A Session