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– Complex Services using Oracle Advance This webinar will focus on Oracle EBS self service page customizing. As we know Oracle has incorporated a wide number of business processes in EBS, but at times there are some use-cases where we require some changes in the existing system/processes to incorporate more information/business-logic.
During this webinar we will walk through the mechanism of changing, termed as customizing in EBS parlance, existing self-service pages with special focus on extensions. We will see how to dissect an existing or seeded page and figure out how to go about doing extensions keeping in mind patching/upgrades.
1. Where do we need Extension?
2. Prerequisites for Extension
3. Why there is a need to create a application as a prerequisite
4. How to Extend a VO – EO – Controller
5. How Personalization play a role in Extension
6. Validation VO and Validation AM
7. Deploying your extensions

The schedule of the webinar might not be as per convenience to many members. However, you can register – since we will be dispatching the recorded version of the webinar along with the pdf for reference within 7 days from the date of webinar.

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