Webinar: Budgeting – R12.1.3 Oracle General Ledger

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Date & Time: Thursday, 13-03-2014

During this webinar you will
  • E-Business Suite allows budgets to be managed in the same way as normal transactions, for each unique combination of your Chart of Accounts.
  • Use summary accounts or rollup groups to manage and maintain.
  • General Ledger gives you a variety of tools to create, maintain, and track your budgets, including the ability to upload budget amounts from your spreadsheet software.
  • Understand Budget Accounting Cycle
  • Use Various Budget Methods
  • Budgets and Budgets Organizations
  • Manual Budgets
  • Effective use of Budget Upload Via Web ADI
  • Create Budgets and Maintain Budgets
  • Review and correct budgets
  • Freeze Budgets
  • Reports on budgets
  • Q & A Session