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Multi – Currency Overview

(Oracle General Ledger R12.1 Feature)

Currency which is one of the four ‘C’ of a Ledger and ledger being a shared entity in Oracle Applications, leverages its multi-currency benefits in multi ferrous way viz., entering a transaction in foreign currency and reporting in your functional and reporting currency.
Basically, multi-currency refers to the ability of transactions being entered and reported in multiple currencies. It comprises of three main concepts:


Oracle Order Management: Sales Order Using Cascading Order Header Information to Order Line in Oracle R12 Order Management – Part I

When a header attribute is updated and the lines are entered, any header changes are cascaded down to the lines. In the reconfiguration flow, the header information will be derived from the item instance that was selected, together with any Oracle Order Management defaulting rules. Because the header information defaults from the information available for the selected item instance in the installed base, there is a high possibility that the header information will need to be updated after the order is created and/or Booked For this reason, it is necessary to provide an option to cascade many of the changes to the order header to the respective fields on the order line of the order. The Cascading setup will not work if there is any Processing constraint is defined for restricting changes in Sales Order Header.Oracle has introduced new feature for cascading the Changes in Order Header information to Order Line.


Approval Hierarchies – Pros and Cons

Oracle Purchasing mandates that some kind of document routing method be used for approval of purchase documents in oracle apps. Document security, routing and approval is controlled by document type. These documents are routed to certain kinds of hierarchies for approval, and hence, these can also be called as approval hierarchies, which can be classified into 2 types:


Oracle Identity and Access Management Practice

We offer a full range of services for Identity Governance and Identity management as follows.

Identity Management Suite Implementation

We provide end to end installation, configuration and implementation services. This includes web server front end layer, Application Server, Directories, SOA suite, Oracle Identity and Access Management and webgate Single-Sign-on solution.


Key points on how to enhance Oracle E-Business Suite R12?

There are many people who raise questions like: Where do I initiate my Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12 upgrade, and how do I enhance its performance?
For the starters, these are the queries we always try to answer in our planning discussions. Many have been through prior upgrades of Oracle EBS, but significance of the R12 upgrade makes it a vastly different experience, requiring new approaches from those used in the past.

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