Oracle BOM Distribution: Engineering & Manufacturing

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Oracle BOM Distribution: Engineering & Manufacturing

What Is Bills Of Material (BOM)?

An Oracle bills of material (BOM) is a list of the components like raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product.

Its nothing but the multilevel documents which gives the data of building the product using sub-assemblies & sub-products. Following fig gives us the brief idea about BOM

Need of Distribution of BOM:

Engineering BOM is significantly an output of the design of product so that directly we can’t use it for manufacturing a product. It also doesn’t consider the basic needs of production and is developed to straightforward the process of changes in BOM. So that the manufacturer wanted to separate manufacturing BOM from Engineering BOM which will be typically used for production only. Since engineering considers many parts that can be used for production but at the time of manufacturing we don’t need all of them so one manufacturing BOM has to be created to use for production.

Thus we can say that some components of Engineering BOM can be used for production but all the components of Manufacturing BOM are used for production.

What is Engineering BOM?

Engineering bills of material are bills of material that our engineering function creates and are
not ready for production.

What is Manufacturing BOM?

Manufacturing bills of material are bills of material that we use in production.

Major Differences:

1. We create Engineering BOM in Engineering. 1. We create Manufacturing BOM in
2. It has the preselected check box on window to 2. It doesn’t have preselected check box.
represent the attribute Engineering.
3. In this BOM we can use engineering as well as 3. In this BOM only manufacturing items can
manufacturing items be used.
4. If we have to use this BOM for production then 4. We can directly use this BOM for
we have to copy or transfer it to manufacturing production
Following image shows the Engineering BOM window & how it is differed from manufacturing BOM window.

Nilesh Patil
Oracle – SCM