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Item Orderability Rule in R12.x


In the Modern time because of the many complex business scenarios, organization wants to control on sales activities like which customers are allowed to order which product.

Consider some following scenarios:-
Some companies may develop products those are specific to some customer.

Some products may be banned in some regions.
Some items may be available to sell from specific channels.

Now Order management provides new feature in R12.1.1 to define the rule to restrict the Items ordered. This UI is named as an Item orderability Rules. It allows user to Order the Item to the customers based on the Rules with 11 different criterias.

This article will explain in brief about the new feature Item Orderability offered by Oracle Order management in R12.1.1

Item Orderability – This is a complete new feature introduced in Oracle R12.1.1.This is a rule that users can define to restrict the items or item category that can be ordered from the Sales Order form or Quick sales order form.

As of Now Oracle has provided rules to control by the 11 attributes – like you can apply the restriction based on:

  • Customer
  • Customer Class
  • Order Types
  • Sales Channel
  • Regions
  • Sales Persons


Below is Simple Flow
1. Define the Rules
Define the Item Orderability
Define the Rules by selecting any of 11 attributes
Define the Criteria – Item or Category
2. Set the profile option “OM: Use Materialized View for Items LOV”
3. Order the Item through UI/ Order Import/ Process Order API to view impact of this feature

Item Orderability

Generally Available Flag:
We can set up rules to define when an item or item category is generally not available (the Generally Available box is unselected) with the conditions available for that rule. For example, Item X is generally not available; however, since you have set up conditions at the Rule Level, it is available for a particular customer, or region or customer class.