HP Service Manager and LDAP Integration

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HP Service Manager and LDAP Integration

LDAP IntegrationLDAP (Light Weight Directory Access Protocol) and HP Service Manager integration provides storage and sharing capability among applications that saves time and resources which helps to minimizes the administrative tasks. This Integration helps to use third party directory server to store data that can be used for HP Service Manager authentication.

Integrating Directory server with HP Service Manager helps to retrieve the contacts, operator’s information from the directory server and authenticate it with the HP Service Manager that helps to prevent user errors and also to reduce the additional storage requirements.

Steps to Integrate LDAP and HP Service Manager:-

1. Importing contacts into the HP SM.
2. Configuring Service Manager LDAP interface by setting up parameters in scldapconfig file.
3. Configuring LDAP mapping for contacts.
4. Configuring LDAP mapping for operators.
5. Creating and configuring and assigning LDAP templates for operators to login with predefined user roles.
6. Mapping HP SM fields with Directory Server fields.
7. Configuring sm.ini file for HP Service Manager LDAP parameters.

Common goals achieved from HPSM and LDAP integration are as follows:

1. Share contacts information across network by using Directory server.
2. Automatically create operator records for LDAP users in HP SM.
3. Authentication done by Directory server while login to the HP SM server