HP Service Manager and HP UCMDB Integration

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HP Service Manager and HP UCMDB Integration

HP Universal Configuration Management Database (HP uCMDB) software stores, controls, and manages software and infrastructure components along with associated relationships and dependencies. Integration between HP Service Manager (HPSM) and HP uCMDB enables to exchange Configuration Items (CIs) information between uCMDB and HPSM as uCMDB provides infrastructure visibility which shows how components are related for consistent and reliable delivery of IT and Business Services. Integration also provides bi-directional flow of information between uCMDB and HPSM.UCMDB and Service Manager Integration maintains CI relationship links up to date.

Ways to integrate HP Service Manager and HP uCMDB.

1] Out-of-box integration.
Steps involved in out-of-box integration of HP SM and uCMDB.

  • Configuring HP Service Manager for uCMDB integration.
  • Configuring uCMDB for actual state of CI to compare the actual state and managed state of CI in SM.
  • Deploying sm integration packages.
  • Configuring adapters and queries for UCMDB-SM Integration.
  • Setting replication job in uCMDB to transfer CI information into SM.
  • Setting reconciliation rule to avoid duplicate records.

2] Using Connect-IT.
Steps involved in integration of HP SM and UCMDB using Connect-IT.

a) Creating scenario for integration.
b) Configure connector for HP SM.
c) Configure connector for UCMDB
d) Deploying using Service console.

Common goals achieved from HPSM and UCMDB integration are as follows:

1) Actual State:
The actual state is provided by direct access to the CMDB.

2) Support for Configuration and Change Management:
Detect unplanned and incorrectly executed change to the production environment thus controlling the Change process.
Actual state of CI and relationships from discovery itself.

3) Support for automated Change Management validation and verification.
UCMDB helps to visualize impact on CI and associated CI’s, it is helpful in calculating risk and planning changes.