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HPSM and Email integration

Email integration

Email integration plays a very important role in IT Service Management with HP Service Manager. Email integration allows you to communicate with HP Service Manager in bidirectional way through notification engine.

It provides you updates and notifications for approvals, escalations for the tickets and the other way round it allows you to create tickets via email. HP Service Manager enables you to open, update and close tickets through email.

Integration  of email with HP Service Manager can be done in following ways,

1) Email integration with SCAuto
2) Email connector in ConnectIT

Few of the common goals achieved through HPSM and Email integration are as follows:

1- Generate tickets in HP Service Managervia email.

2- Provide SLA breach notifications for tickets.

3- Provide alerts on particular CI based ticket or high priority level tickets.

4- Approval notifications.

5- Email allows to generate work orders in HP Service Manager.


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