Oracle eAM – Right Fit To Oil & Gas Industries

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Oracle eAM – Right Fit To Oil & Gas Industries

Oil & Gas

The purpose of this webinar is to help understand how Oracle eAM can:

– Be successfully implemented or be beneficial to the Oil & Gas industries.
– Deal with real time and factual information about assets
– Ensure the standard maintenance procedures
– Define the assets and performance measurement systems
– Benefit over costly stand-alone maintenance system with complete visibility and integrated control over every aspect of asset lifecycle.


1. Oracle eAM with respect to Oil and Gas Industries examples.
2. Capital Assets and Re-buildables.
3. Asset Maintenance (Groups, attributes, routes, asset BOM)
4. Maintenance BOM and Routing
5. Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
6. Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
7. Maintenance Transactions
8. Failure Analysis (MTBF and MTTR)
9. Maintenance Reports
10. Building robust solution using asset tracking, fixed assets, service, property management, procurement, costing, quality management.
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