HP BSM 9.0 and Cloud

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HP BSM 9.0 and Cloud

HP BSM 9.0 and CloudHP BSM 9.0 is made for virtualized IT infrastructure and private cloud / public cloud environments.  How can one say so?
Following are the reasons:
1.    Single view of both the physical and the virtual environment and the ability to manage both those worlds.  You can view your IT infrastructure not only in the area of virtualization, but also in the context of cloud, whether private or public.

2.    End to end visibility – dynamic and unified view of what’s going on in your IT infrastructure
3.    Change awareness – provides run-time ops database that automatically provides IT service maps for physical, virtual and cloud environment.

HP BSM 9.0 consists of
1.    HP Business Availability Center
2.    HP Operations Manager
3.    HP Network Management Center

HP Business Availability Center 9.0 (BAC) provides an integrated end-user experience, applications monitoring, diagnostics and run-time service model to manage application performance.
HP Operations Manager i 9.0 improves IT service performance by using smart plug-ins (SPIs) to automatically discover applications’ changes, as well as physical and virtual infrastructure. HP OMi then updates these changes in a run-time service model, combining it with event streams.

HP Network Management Center 9.0 provides better network visibility by connecting virtual servers, physical networks and public cloud services together. HP NMC 9.0 integrates fault, availability and performance management into a single view.

Kunal S.