Oracle R12 Human Capital Management: One stop solution

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Oracle R12 Human Capital Management: One stop solution

Oracle R12 Human Capital Management: One stop solution

Human Capital Management is an area that has historically been overlooked when it comes to automation. Organizations used to record personnel details in files and payroll in salary slips. Since last ten years, ERP has come into picture, which is a growing trend towards seeing employees as an asset to the enterprise at par with capital assets. When we come across Oracle HCM, it covers information on jobs, positions, grades and workers compensation.

People management in core HR covers how we identify different individuals in our workplace, how we promote, transfer or terminate them. The methods defined in the Oracle HCM not only overcome the tedious process of maintaining employee’s information in a file but also update its data without much of an effort.
Now coming to organizations that carry out business operations globally, there are setups in Oracle HCM that helps to maintain security on the information we do not want to share. For example, employees never want to share information about their age, salary and benefits they are getting within a period of time. Again, even enterprises operating in one country may not want to share data with its sister companies, branches and divisions.

1. You can define your organization structure to manage workforce globally addressing local needs.
2. You can organize your workforce as per business needs.
3. You can take advantage of SSHR to achieve security, flexibility & delegation of tasks to employees. e.g.

  • Employees view their own pay slips
  • Employees complete their own time card
  • Managers initiate and execute staffing changes
  • Managers and employees initiate and participate in appraisals
  • Individuals apply for jobs; managers search for/review qualified applicants,select best candidate

4. Localizations expanded for 10 countries
Oracle now has localizations for 30 countries covering 87% of world GDP
5. For line managers and human resource professionals, Oracle has dashboards, KPI’s and reports.

  • For Employee workforce (headcount, salary and turnover)
  • For Contingent workers
  • Absence (duration and occurrences)

6. For the Chief HR Officer Oracle has:
Workforce (headcount, salary and turnover)
7. For the budget manager Oracle has:
Workforce budgeting (headcount and costs)
8. For the benefits manager Oracle has:
Open enrollment (number of elections)