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Why Oracle i-Procurement

Why Oracle i-Procurement

Today speed, efficiency, and cost control drive competitive advantage and deliver business benefits. Time-consuming paper-driven purchasing and quotation cycles are costly.
With an i-Procurement Solution you can automate, simplify and improve the control of purchased goods and services to reduce processing time and costs as well as enabling you to leverage your relationships with key trading partners.

Business benefits through automated procurement
i-Procurement solution uses web-enabled technologies to transform the way in which you carry out procurement. Based on Oracle i-Procurement, it is an integrated procurement management solution that is global, web-based and integrates readily with all other functional areas of your business.
Oracle i-Procurement is underpinned by Oracle workflow which, allows you to structure flexible but secure business processes that suit the way you run your business.

Deliver Immediate Cost Savings
i-Procurement delivers immediate cost savings by driving efficiency across the entire
procurement process from requisition to payment cutting the cost of purchase transactions, shrinking procurement cycle times, and influencing key supplier relationships.

Empower the procurement professional
Reduce the administrative burden on the Procurement Professional creating time to analyse suppliers performance, to better leverage negotiating power, to lower unit
purchase cost and reduce lead times and stock holding.

What’s Different in i-Procurenent
(1) Supplier created catalogs using industry standard search criteria.
(2) Number of pictures of higher quality in the suppliers specific catalog for the commodity you need.
(3)Build a shopping cart from purchasing out to supplier’s online catalogs.
(4) Shopping cart becomes an Oracle requisition upon save.
(5) A real time standard Oracle Purchase Order is created as per the requisition is approved. If multiple supplier’s, a different  PO per supplier.
(6) i-Procurement is integrated with Oracle suite of applications, are processed in real time with all other Oracle module transactions.
(7) Oracle is responsible for ensuring upgrade compatibility of all their modules, leverage current technology by punching out to supplier web sites.

In the appropriate business environment, implementing an i-Procurement
solution  revolutionizes purchasing. Not only does it deliver the benefit of immediate cost reductions, but it enables organisations to better understand and manage the procurement process, leading to strengthened relationships with key suppliers and partners.

ShivPrasad Bajaj
SCM Consultant