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Administering OAB

Administering OAB

1) Pre enrollment process
This process determines eligibility for benefits, create electable choices, assign automated tasks such as activity rate determination.

Select the Participation Process:
Life Event to manage the evaluation of the events. Run the Participation Process; Scheduled to manage Pre-enrollment activities for an open enrollment period.

Process: Participation Process: Life Event

(N) Benefit Service Center window

Use the Benefit Service Center if you administer benefits in a call center environment. Based on your implementation, the service center displays a number of Desktop Activities. From this central window you can manage life events, process enrollments, and view enrollment results, among other activities.

2) Enrollment process
This is for Enrollment management
Navigate to flex enrollment window

(N) Total comp enrollenment > Flex Program

After you determine eligibility and electability, you can record a person’s elections. Or, if you license Oracle Self-Service HRMS, employees with access to web browser can record their own elections.
As part of enrollment processing, you can cover eligible dependents and designate beneficiaries according to the choices of the employee. Your plan design rules ensure that the participant only covers the allowable contacts.
The application alerts you if an action item exists that prevent the election.
For example, you may require the employee to provide a proof of Good Health certificate before allowing an enrollment in a life insurance plan that offers a high level of coverage. Depending on the type of plan, you use one of four enrollment windows to process the election.
Use the flex Program window to enroll participants in the plans and options that provide flex credits. You can manage the distribution of excess credits- such as through rollover or forfeiture- based on your plan design rules.

(N) Total comp enrollment > Nonflex

The Non-Flex Program window process elections for plans and options that you do not fund with flex credits. As with the Flex Program window, you can access other windows from this enrollment form that let you record dependents and beneficiaries.

Lastly, you record elections for plans that you do not include in a program (and which are not savings plans) using the Miscellaneous Plan window.
After you record elections, you can close an enrollment or close the enrollment period (for an open enrollment period).

3) Ongoing Administration
In addition to enrollment processing, you can complete other benefits administration tasks that you perform on an ongoing basis. For example, you can manage employee communications based on life events.
Your system administrator runs the Determine Communications process to detect the persons who should receive a communications process to detect the persons who should receive a communication based on the communication type definitions set up during implementation

(N) People> Total Comp enrollment > Benefit Enrollment > Miscellaneous Plan

Next Step:
Use the System Extract feature to write HRMS data (such as name, address, and election results) into a text file. You can then merge this data into body of your communication.

Note: Oracle HRMS does not send the communication. You have to complete this activity using a mail merge program of your own choosing.

(N) Mass Information eXchange: MIX > System Extract > Layout Definition

Next Step:
Navigate to submit request window

The application also helps you manage the calculation and payment of premiums on a per participants enrolled in the plan or the total volume of coverage elected.

Run following request:
Premium Calculation Process
Parameters: Date: Rollback – Database will not be updated:
You can manually adjust premium results, as necessary. Using System Extract, you can write the premium results to a test file that you send to the benefits supplier

Lastly, you can run the Premium Reconciliation Report to audit your premium results. This report compares monthly premium amount to standard rates and element entries by pay period.

If your enterprise offers continuing benefit for the terminated employees- due to government regulations, for example – Oracle HRMS helps you manage eligibility , enrollments, participant payments, and deenrollments. In the U.S, you can use Oracle HRMS to mange your benefit according to HIPAA and COBRA regulations.
The application provides seeded HIPAA Participants and HIPAA Dependent letters that you run from the Submit Request s window, merging data that you want to include in the letter, such as the plan in which the participant was enrolled.
For COBRA, you can process enrollments, record participant payments, and manage eligibility extensions or deenrollments based on COBRA regulations and your plan design.