Optimizing the CRM: How To Make Most Of It

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Optimizing the CRM: How To Make Most Of It

In the current tough economic environment organization are looking to squeeze more value out of their existing resources. CIO’s over the globe are digging the hidden values to improve the ROI and manage the outlay. In last one year world seen soaring cost cutting and nobody is agree to buy any thing new. In fact technology led companies call off big investments. It is time to rethink about what you have already and make most of it.

Optimum utilization of resources is necessary for the organization to achieve a better ROI and maintaining profitability. CRM projects share a significant part of expenditure so the expectations are usually high. But many times it happens that organization fails to take the full advantages out of their CRM implementation.

The major reason in keeping organizations from fully captivating benefit of their CRM implementations is user adoption. In most of the cases only few functionality of a CRM project gets used while many remain untouched. End user adoption has always been a vital factor in the achievement of a CRM project. ROI for any CRM implementation is directly proportional to user adoption rate. Companies looking to maximize their CRM investments should focus on additional user training.

Organizations should take a close look to their CRM resources to figure out what they’re not taking advantage of. Unused functionality is also a product of the fact that at many organizations the personnel that made the purchasing decisions may have moved on to other positions or left the company, and those who have taken over may not know the extent of what was purchased.

When optimizing an existing implementation, quick ways to cut costs or build revenues are a good start, such as adding a mapping application within a CRM system that can cut back on routing deliveries or implementing the lead management capabilities that many applications include within their suite.

Those companies who are up to date on their maintenance and support agreements should also consider functional upgrades. Many vendors are providing Social CRM or Web 2.0-type capabilities to their applications that customers can take advantage of quickly. In fact, in good times or bad, companies should review their application environment.

Abhishek S.