Ensure The Success of Your Enterprise With Oracle UPK

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Ensure The Success of Your Enterprise With Oracle UPK

Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) is a collaborative content development platform that allows enterprises to improve Oracle users’ productivity, mitigate risk, and add maximize the ROI of your Oracle Applications implementations.

UPK can produce multiple outputs through a single-source recording session, whether you are creating interactive Oracle Application simulations, web-based training materials, or in-application performance support. Oracle UPK reduces your content development time, and is a key to increasing productivity and reducing overall software implementation costs.

UPK is a comprehensive software solution allows a significant reduction of the time demands and costs associated with the preparation of important documents, which include user manuals, training and testing materials and company manuals. The application captures screenshots of a program or internet browser, records actions performed using a mouse cursor and keyboard (clicking, filling in text fields, ticking check boxes on the screen) and creates a multimedia presentation and print outputs from this recorded data.

Using UPK in one step you can create a user manual, manual for lecturer or define the precise procedures for work with application systems in the group manual. The application can be used for the creation of documentation and presentations from all usual systems with a graphic interface (all applications of Oracle, Microsoft Office, web applications etc.)

Thus by reducing the Costs associated with Enterprise Applications, End User Training and Support you can maximize the ROI in order to ensure the enterprise success.

Abhishek S.