CRM On Demand for Real Estate “Build High Success Stories”

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CRM On Demand for Real Estate “Build High Success Stories”

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) founds its application in each area of business and none of the industry is untouched from it. CRM helps organizations to know their customer better, maintaining relationship, serve well and retain them in order to ensure the profitability and existence.

Today we have the CRM software with advanced features to support the organizations in all functions of sales, service, and marketing.

CRM Software with industry specific customization ability is in trend now. Customized software is able to serve the organization in overcoming the challenges and issues of their respective industry.

If we talk about the Real Estate, there is no doubt it’s highly booming but as well as challenging too. Understanding the customer demand and buying behavior is not easy here, involving of huge capital make the sales process long.
Some basic questions which make Real Estate people to bother are: Who are my potential customers; How effective are my marketing campaigns; How can I help my sales reps sell more; How responsive is the customer service; How to understood customer demand; How do I monitor sales pipeline; How do I track the inventory status; How do I differentiate myself from competitor etc.

And the answer of all such questions is a customized CRM solution which is designed in accordance of their industry specific environment.

To find out the prospects is the first requirement for any business and with the analytics tools one can find the prospects easily from the existing database. Marketing department can plan execute and track there campaigns much more effectively. Sales can be boosted up to a great extant as an integration of CRM with outlook and mobile is possible. This CRM solution make an enormous change in customer service as response time reduces because of effective data access and real time response is possible. Managers can track the customer service and able to evolve the performance of any customer service associate same is applicable in sales too.

In Real Estate sales pipeline is more important than any other sector, this tailored solution can show the exact status of deals in pipeline and in accordance to same, the probability of success can be forecasted. By this clearer pictures of business come in sight and assist to plan the actions accordingly.

Inventory Management
is a key area; with CRM it is possible to manage the inventory (like in which area how many no of flats are available) which gave an idea about the customer purchase behavior too. Sales Coach is an distinct feature which offer assist to the sales people at various stages and also can be used to train the newly join recruits. Offline mode working makes it more useful as work will not halt if there is no internet connection at a site office.

As it is an On Demand CRM (hosted CRM) so you can use it by just paying small monthly charges, no high implementation cost and no anxiety of technical knowhow for maintenance.
iWare Logic offers this On Demand CRM tailored for real estate so that nothing will come in your way to Build High Success Stories.

Abhishek S.