CRM On Demand: A Novel Approach

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CRM On Demand: A Novel Approach

A traditional approach of on site CRM implementation can be a huge investment and should be evaluated carefully. Also a big investment creates a risk. Not a lot of small and mid sized companies can afford this. Therefore a Hosted CRM could be a good alternative to the on-premise implementation. As the cost spread over the time so it is easy to bear also no need to support the solution yourself.

The current generation of On Demand CRM provides a large number of features and solutions for industry specific requirements. If an organisation is going for a CRM solution first time then it is advisable go for a hosted CRM solution. Because there is no need of installation also in starting only a little training is required. It will bring more insight to the company and its CRM Maturity will grow.

CRM on demand is acquainted with all the requirements of marketing and customer strategies to achieve business goals. From sales to customer satisfaction, it combines data to be used for decision-making in a systematic mode. Pre-sales preparation and Opportunity management are the key factors for the success of any business. Pipeline lead management and opportunity management of CRM on demand tracks the prospective growth to realize a sustainable competitive advantage.

CRM on demand will help small and mid size organizations to gain autonomous capacity to maintain quality and sustain competitiveness. Many time large organizations also use hosted CRM while waiting for their on site CRM implementation. The challenges like integration with other back end applications can be over come with the help of web services.

Without a huge investment or additional infrastructure, CRM on demand proves to be effective and economical for all.

Abhishek S.