Economic Downturn: Perfect Time To Invest In Education

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Economic Downturn: Perfect Time To Invest In Education

At the  time when we  are  facing the biggest  recession in the history, decision of  spending money becomes very crucial. Everybody is  talking  about  cost cutting, at  the  same time idea of  spending money   may look funny at  once but it is the  best time to  invest  in education. OECD, Organization for Economic Cooperation

and Development’s survey also revolves around the same   fact “Invest in education to beat recession—OECD”.Confused2

As a result of recession, companies are   cutting jobs – so securing the same is a Herculean task. Higher employability has become very essential. IT industry is the biggest employer of young talent across the globe. Because of the increasing influence of IT in business transformation, environment is highly competitive. Elimination of the geographical and demographical barrier makes the IT industry truly “glocal” (Global + Local)”. In this innovation driven industry up-gradation and adaptation are biggest factors.

Not only domain knowledge, but also the exposure to latest technology is the demand of time now. In order to get/secure a job one should sharpen his or her skills so that can prove there employability to organization.

In such a situation a certification in a technology domain (like Oracle ERP, CRM, BI, ITIL, IT SM Tools) can be a big support. Certification, not only differentiates, but also helps to create an identity. Some of world’s largest organizations (Oracle, EXIN, BMC) offer solutions for every tier of your business. Certifications from such organizations provide global value.

These technologies are in leading positions. Knowledge of the same will provide professionals an edge to beat recession.

Abhishek S.