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Business Intelligence (BI) For Those Who Need It The Most

“Warriors With The Right Weapons Win The War”

In today’s market, organizations are fighting for endurance; maintaining previous levels of revenue and profitability. In such a scenario the importance of those warriors whose decisions and actions generate revenue or cut costs turn out to be high. They are really working hard in domains of sales, customer service, operations, and other areas in which employees directly interact with customers or convey products or services related offerings.

So, it is advisable that these warriors at the front lines should be equipped with the business intelligence tools they need to win the battles that directly effect company’s probability for success.

Often, only the top management, which is responsible for planning and determining the strategies for the organization, has been the sole users of Business Intelligence tools. Members of various teams in an organization should have access to information which assists them in performing their daily tasks in a better manner. For example, customer service associates become better equipped to make customers feel delighted with a negligible response time, as fast and real time access to database ensures faster service in comparison to earlier method, where customer service was on the nod.

In last few years barriers preventing the spread of BI are breaking. Lots of organizations grant BI access to front office people and it is no more a monopoly of “c” level executives. Recently developed BI solutions are accessible within budget terms, faster to deploy, require fewer resources, provides great flexibility to changing business needs.Write To iWare Logic

Importance of BI can be understood by these simple examples:

-An employee was spending 30 hours a week to re-key numbers from printed reports into Excel spreadsheets earlier, after the adoption of BI tools the same work can be done in three hours with a higher competence!

-A marketing professional with BI tools can analyze direct mail and other marketing campaigns and determine which list sources yield most results. These tools also can pick incorrect / obsolete addresses and otherwise clean lists. In addition, using BI not only reduces marketing costs, it also increases revenues by improving the overall efficiency.

Abhishek S.